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DesignMarch is uppon us once again and this time the theme is play or game. I wanted to design a new business card for us for this event and this is what got created.

This card is made of two parts although the information on both is the same. The card with the slit from the bottom is for females and the one with the cut from the top is for males. We will distribute this according to gender, and the idea is that if you are lucky enough to find someone with a matching card; well, you might have something in common and who knows what life will bring you :). The shape of the card is in the spiral of phi in two directions, thus giving us the "heart" shape we so commonly use in our modern life, for example <3. Phi would be the symbol φ or written phi. Interestingly, the true meaning of the word Philosophy is "LOVE of WISDOM" as "philo" means love and "sophy" is  knowledge. The first three letters in philosophy are "phi" and in Greekit is: φιλοσοφία where φ (phi) is the first letter. The Phi ratio is 1:1,618 and is based on the numbers we sometimes call the Fibonacci sequence or 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144...where you always add up the numbers in the sequence e.g. 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8 and so on. This ratio of φ is sometimes called the Golden mean or the Golden cut. Everything in our universe grows into this spiral and everything that grows is based on these numbers in one way or the other. For example, you will find these proportions in your body as well, as can be seen in the Vitruvian Man designed by Leonardo da Vinci (left) and in the x-ray picture (right).

This business card is designed as a tool for designers that want to use the same scale and proportions that the "Master Creator" seems to have used for everything there is, because it is full of clues that reveals that "design process". My intention is to show today's designers the rules that have been used by Master Masons over the years. If you study φ (Phi) you will find the "Flower of Life" and the numerology related to those two (Phi & Flower of Life) and then many of our ancient architectures will start to make more sense to us. Master Masons never used proportions or dimensions by chance, they always used the "Master Creator's" design rules. I have used those design rules in most my designs over the years, and every day I learn something new about Phi and the Flower of Life and it has given my life a deeper understanding and meaning. I can use the scale and design rules of the "Master Creator" to design our products but it baffles me when I think about the fact, that I, a human being, am capable of designing toys and gifts but I am also capable of loving other human beings and all other life. How do you design/create THAT with your ten digits? How do you design the feeling of love? I think we have a way to go before we can do that, or even understand how that might work. But until then, at least I can make use of this amazing design process that Phi and Flower of Life are.
Design Love...

I you want to know more, have a chat about this philosophy and see these design rules in our designs, come visit us during DesignMarch 2015, held Thursday-Sunday, March 12-15 :-) 

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Creation of item 216

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It has been awhile since I posted on this blog but quite lot has transpired since we opened our design studio in 2012. We have now close to 60 products with many variations in color and style for sale in our newly redesigned store and in several other shops in Iceland and abroad. One of the designs we have introduced this year is a series of purses from plywood, leather and felt. dimensions of this design is based on sacred geometry pattern of the Flower of Life and Fibonaci numerology hence the name 216. Why is it important? Well, who ever created me and you uses the ratio of phi 1,1618 (known as golden mean or golden cut, meaning if one side of the object is 1cm then the other is 1,1618cm) for everything that is created everywhere in our galaxy and the Flower of Life pattern that comes from two tetrahedrons that are interlocking together making up the so called Star of David. The FOL is based on 7 circles (hence most likely the creation in 7 "days" according to Genesis). The Bellow is the workflow of our creation.


The inheritance

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 The inheritance
A perfect vision for the future


Article by Paul Michael Herman for Wow Airline.

Originally published here, (page 30)

Photos: Courtesy of Pálmi Einarsson


Imagine this; it’s the summertime, and you’re driving out to a growing community where you’re thinking about moving. When you arrive first thing you see is lush fields. It’s been a good season and if it continues the harvest will be abundant. There are a few people working in the fields, some middle aged, some young and some old. Everyone looks happy. As you drive on you see lovely gardens, lots of vegetation and some unique and beautifully designed buildings. Big buildings in the center house large scale organic food production facilities and an industrial complex where a wide variety of ecologically friendly goods are being manufactured.

Conceptual sketch by PE.


Fyrsti viðskiptavinur Geisla hönnunarhúss ehf

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Bjarni Malmquist Jónsson frá Jaðri í Suðursveit var fyrsti viðskiptavinur Geisla hönnunarhúss ehf fyrr í dag en í gær var formlega byrjað að taka á móti skurðarverkefnum. Bjarni starfar sem Rafiðnaðarfræðingur hjá ReMake Electric og skárum við út fyrir hann nokkra parta úr Acryl sem hann ætlaði að nota í rafeindarbúnað sem fyrirtækið er að þróa. Við heyrðum frá Bjarna rétt í þessu en hann fór með partana og setti tækið saman og auðvitað svín virkar þetta allt saman.

Við viljum einnig koma á framfæri þökkum til allra sem hafa stutt okkur í því að koma fyrirtækinu á fót.


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