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It has been awhile since I posted on this blog but quite lot has transpired since we opened our design studio in 2012. We have now close to 60 products with many variations in color and style for sale in our newly redesigned store and in several other shops in Iceland and abroad. One of the designs we have introduced this year is a series of purses from plywood, leather and felt. dimensions of this design is based on sacred geometry pattern of the Flower of Life and Fibonaci numerology hence the name 216. Why is it important? Well, who ever created me and you uses the ratio of phi 1,1618 (known as golden mean or golden cut, meaning if one side of the object is 1cm then the other is 1,1618cm) for everything that is created everywhere in our galaxy and the Flower of Life pattern that comes from two tetrahedrons that are interlocking together making up the so called Star of David. The FOL is based on 7 circles (hence most likely the creation in 7 "days" according to Genesis). The Bellow is the workflow of our creation.



Design is drawn out in Rhinoceros 3D software. All of our designs are designed in 3D, then lay´d flat for cutting.
Cutting and engraving 3.7mm plywood a special import for us from Handverkshúsið. Machinery used is our amazing Kern 150w. laser (see -
Cutting the felt, we also need to cut the leather piece for the outside bottom, 5mm white high density foam for the bottom on the inside and 0,22mm stainless steel sheet for the magnetic snap.
The wood is colored black (in this case) and oiled with high quality table top oil.
No, it´s not Jackson Pollock, it´s just drying...but the wall is starting to look like some of his paintings.
Parts laid out ready for assembly.
Work in progress, bottom and side pieces are already glued, the white strip at the bottom of the purse (top of picture) is 5mm. foam for cushioning.
Created in Iceland. Designed and manufactured by hand and modern technology (laser) in Iceland.
Only 7 purses are made in each series in three colors, black, red and teak. This is black edition 1.
Custom labeling is also available.
This is black edition 1 serial #7.
Final product - Purse 216, series 1, serial number 1.      
Final product - Purse 216, series 1, serial number 1 .




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